Industrial revolution started way back last century, bringing rapid growth in all kind of manufacturing and processing industries. Growth and production of an industry depends how fast & efficiently material is tested. Plastic testing machines play major in achieving the above objective.

Framed in this scenario, Hexa Plast set up its operations in the year 2010 to provide world class Plastic testing equipments, bringing global quality in Indian market. Hexa Plast then identified the factors that are crucial to fulfill these aims. Corporate care and business foresight of Mr. Nikunj Patel, established the Company with a unique position-of being firmly embedded in the fiercely competitive market of plastic material testing machines.

Mission Statement

Excellence, Reliability, Trust and Mutual Growth —
Hexa Plast is a team of dedicated individuals who share commitment to attaining world class performance in customer services, product design, installation & manufacturing. We will be the leading, growing supplier of Plastic testing machine for the various industries having diverse applications.

With our targets well-defined, the Company has since conducted intensive R & D exercises to improve product function and performance aimed at those objectives that have generated the finest and most exemplary range of Plastic testing machines. Today, the persistent demand for our products is ample evidence of a balanced corporate vision.

Hexa Plast consistently puts customer interest first, continually improves its products, offering the best value in Plastic testing machines.

Infrastructure & Groundwork

Located at Ahmedabad, the industrial axis of India, the Company possesses the latest state-of-the-art infrastructure and complies with all domestic and international quality norms. The Company is staffed by qualified engineers, technicians, each with over 7 to 15 years of track record in field of plastic laboratory testing machine, and related industries.

Equipped with the latest technology conforming to global quality control norms, Hexa Plast has continually enhanced its capacity, in sync with the rising market demands and getting customers faith and satisfaction. The plant is equipped with up to date machinery and R & D department which ensures continuous development of different type of testing machines to serve its customers.

Quality Policy & Objectives

Many people talk about quality few actually do all the things necessary to maximize product reliability in the field. The values added by our continuous monitoring of quality are recognized by our customers. Every aspect of quality is customized for individual customer, our team adapts to the changing needs of our customer.

For us, quality management is a process that starts with the specifications and materials required for an individual requirement then focuses throughout each manufacturing step on delivering products quality that exceeds a customer's expectations.

Testing and inspection of each machines before deliver to clients, not randomly chosen, is carried out by vigilant inspectors whose job is to be responsible for company’s image and corporate identity. Our products can be stimulated not by marketing strategy but by the sheer quality of our products.

The dedicated capabilities of each and every employee of the Company to put in his personal best, and amalgamate every individual effort into a synergic entity constitute an integral part of the quality process at Hexa Plast. Preference towards continuous research and development at every step of the manufacturing process benefits its customers directly.

Customer Care & Service 24/7

Securing and retaining this accreditation is not the end and does not disguise our principal objective of achieving customer satisfaction. After sales service is the indivisible part of customer care professionals and the clients, who actually use our products. Our fully-staffed and cross-trained customer service department specializes in building and nurturing customer relationships.

In order to establish long term commercial relationships with our customers, we provide excellent after-sales services, while maintaining a comprehensive back-up of spares & services. Our Team offers professional advice and instructions on the advantages of our plastic testing machine by actually demonstrating the benefits and savings. Our technical support team is ever on call to satisfy any customer’s query or urgency. It is these attribute which has made us ‘Pioneer name in plastic lab testing machine manufacture’.

The Company maintains a well-monitored distribution network with worldwide online connectivity, and is continually abreast with latest advances in plastic lab testing industry.

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