Hexa Plast offers the best in class Water Vapor Transmission Rate tester at affordable price. Our machine is made with the utmost care by our experienced engineers. You can rely on our products for years and it will be one of the most productive investment of the year.

Why you need to choose the Hexa Plast’s WVTR Tester:

Our machine comes with the amazing features. It is easy to use and operate. The machine goes through many tests before it reaches to the customer. Our qualified engineers ensured that the machine has complete leakage protection and performs flawlessly for years. Our machine is fully automatic and it stops at the time of power cut-off and saves the data automatically. It offers detailed analysis of the data.

The application of Water Vapor Transmission Rate Tester:

The machine offered by the Hexa Plast can be used for various purposes. You can rely on the tester for the accurate measurement of the water vapor transmission rate of high barrier materials, plastic films, sheeting, thermal insulation, waterproof materials, composite films, various other packaging materials that is highly in demand by the medial and sanitary industries. You can easily find out the requirement of the production by controlling the technical indexes of materials with WVTR test.

The WVTR Tester can also be used for getting precise numbers of transmission rate for the materials for the products like aluminum-plated film, paper, paper board, co-extrusion film, ceramics, infusion bag, porcelain, aluminum foil, solar battery panel, composite film, cellophane and more. It is also very useful in providing accurate results for different types of containers used by the industries such as food, medical, household, electronics etc., which includes bottle, can, box, bag, pouch and various other items.

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