Impact Tester
Digital IZOD Impact Tester

Universal Impact Tester

This is the best in class system that Hexa Plast offers for ensuring the impact resistance of materials. Our machines are carefully manufactured and they go through the several tests. The machine is manufactured in a way that it meets the various international standards for Izod impact.


The Izod Impact tester is used to measure the relative susceptibility of standard test specimen to the pendulum type impact load.
HEXA PLAST Izod Impact  Meter is having an energy range from 1 joule to 25 joules in five different scales and shows the accurate results.
The machine is highly durable and lasts long. It is carefully made by our team of experienced engineers and goes through under the many tests before reaches to our customers.


The perfectly manufactured machine is capable of meeting All Indian Standards, ASTM, DIN, BS Standards and many other equivalent Standards.


Impact Strength is the Mechanical property of polymer and as molecular flexibility plays a significant role in determining the relative toughness of materials. For any molded plastic this test becomes the top most priority.
We also have huge network across the India and also across the globe. We provide safe and on time delivery of the product to all our customers.


HEXA PLAT Izod Impact Meter is designed and built according to all Indian Standards and International Standards. Our instrument is having versatile features with high accuracy to measure up to the range of 1 to 25 joules.
Two hammers each for both the test with extra load attachments.


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