Pipe Notch Cutter


Depth Micrometer : "Mitutoyo" make with sturdy and accurate design.
Range : 0-25mm with L.C of 0.01 mm
Operation : through motor with reduction gear in motorised notch cutter and with handle wheel in manual notch cutter.
Cutting angle : 45 deg
Power : 230 V AC, 50 Hz (for motorised notch cutter)
Pint : powder coated.

The Equipment is known as Notch Cutter, V Notch Cutter, Notching Router, Single Tooth Motorised Notch Cutter, Manual Notch Cutter, Plastic Test Sample Notch Cutter, Lab Test Notch Cutter, PVC & Plastic Pipe / Tube Notch Cutter, etc.