Automatic Melt Flow Indexer
Melt Flow Index Testing Equipment

Auto/Semi Melt Flow Indexer & Melt Flow Tester

Hexa Plast is the final destination of your Melt flow tester. The machine that we offer is carefully made with detailed work.


The Melt Flow Index Tester measures the rate of extrusion of a Thermoplastic Material through orifice of Specific Length and Diameter under prescribed conditions of temperature and pressure.

HEXA PLAST MFI Tester is built to measure Melt Flow Rate with greater accuracy as prescribed in different national and international standards.


All Indian Standards, ASTM, DIN, BS Standards and many other equivalent Standards have been considered in the manufacturing process.


M.F.I Tester is used to measure the flow rate of different Polymers. The generated values help to distinguish the different grades of Polymers. Because of the fact that plastic materials are seldom manufactured without incorporating additives, which affect the processing characteristics of material like stability and flowing ability.


HEXA PLAST provides Melt Flow Indexer with customized controller keeping in mind the process of the test.
It shows the precise Temperature with accuracy of + 0.1º C.
Microprocessor based digital timer with facility to select number of test, cutter time, buzzer indication on completion of test and advance buzzer indication for manual cutting procedure.
Fully Automatic MFI is having facility to conduct the test independently by pre-setting the temperature of test, time & applying the required Load and it will directly give the result of MFI for individual test & average of all test.

Determination of melt flow index of thermo plastic materials


Melt flow index is defined as the rate of extrusion of molten resin under specified temperature and pressure through a specified size of die in 10 minutes. It is expressed in g/10 min.
MFI Tester is capable of maintaining temperature from ambient to 350°C.

Principle & Significance:

This characteristic is primarily useful for measuring uniformity of flow rate of materials. This is used for grading of Thermoplastic material and their quality control i.e. in determining lot-to-lot consistency of resin. A material having high molecular weight has more resistance flow than the flow molecular weight polymer.

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Model No. HP – MFI – I HP – MFI - II
Control PID control PID control
Temperature Range 0-400 °C 0-400 °C
Microprocessor Based Timer 0-999.9 sec 0-999.9 sec
Accuracy ± 0.1 °C ± 0.1 °C
Weighing Scale N.A. Digital

Sample Cutting

Manually Automatic


N.A. Rs 232 with computer attachment

Displacement Measurement

N.A. N.A.

Method of Test

Body M.S. M.S
Power Supply 1 Phase,230V AC, 50Hz 1 Phase,230V AC, 50Hz