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The HEXA PLAST Lab Micrometer is a precise instrument to measure the thickness of Films, Paper, Sheets etc.


Lab Micrometer Measures the thickness with accuracy of 0.001mm, which helps in maintaining the quality and accuracy of the end products.


HEXA PLAST Lab Micrometer works with Hi-tech Sensor which measures the thickness at an interval of 3 Sec (adjustable) and can keep 20 reading in memory. On print command gives the individual reading and average result.

We offer Microcontroller Based Computerized Lab Micrometer to measure the thickness of plastic films with accuracy of 1 micron. It measures and record thickness of film ranging from 1 micron to 350 micron. Interfaced with computer which provides graph of deviation in film thickness, in form of Line graph and bar graph with respect to length for the test sample.

Software calculates the Average thickness of the tested sample with Min and Max deviated results and percentage deviation.

With use of only instrument max 15 readings can be taken with its average.
Calibration can be done with the help of calibrated plastic sheet provided with the machine