Cold Water Bath
Hot Water Bath


Hexa Plast ‘ s Bath are Different Designed to heat and cool faster with low energy cost and maintain the temperature for longer time.

To Maintain the temperature in to the bath circulation is done by either one 0r two pumps Or Motor as depending on the volume of bath.

Temperature is controlled by Auto Tune PID Controller.

In Large Size of Bath Hexa Gives Separate bath for heating and hot Or Cool water is circulated to the other chamber so as to save the energy cost.

Hot Water Bath are Used for long & Short Term Hydrostatic Pressure test of pipes.

These bath are made as per International Standards to provide the Heating and Cooling Media to The Product.


1220 X 760 X 460 mm. ( Inner Size)   & As per Requirement.

Temp. Range.

Ambient To   20  o C. & Ambient to 100 o C.


0.1 o C.

Accuracy .

+/- 0.5 %
Material Construction Inner S.S.  & Outer M.S. With Powder Coated Or Paint
Power Supply. 415 V , 3 Phase , 50 HZ.