Plastic Film Impact Tester
Impact Test Equipment

The Impact properties of the polymeric materials are directly related to the Overall toughness of the materials.

Toughness is defines as the ability of the polymer to absorb applied energy. Generally plastic films are being used for Packing purpose, which happen to undergo wear & tear. Hence strength of Impact Resistance is established to evaluate the quality and to get the impact load film can withstand. This method covers the determinates of the energy that cause, plastics film to fail under specific conditions of the impact of the free falling dart.

The energy is expressed in terms of weight of mass feeling from specified height, which would result in 50% specimen’s failure tested.


HEXA PLAST provides impact tester for different plastic films, sheets, decorative laminates, corrugated roofing sheets etc. with range of Darts & selectable facility of height of fall with low efforts.

HEXA PLAST provides two different Electromagnetic system for light & heavy dart respectively which would help in selection of dart with smallest possible dart to heaviest one.

HEXA PLAST gives high – tech vacuum pump with gauge and clamping system to clamp the film tightly. We also provides Digital Counter for counting Number.


Model No.


Aluminium Dart 5 gm to 500 gms
S.S. Dart 5 gm to 500 gms
Vacuum Pump 760 Hg Vacuum Pump
Counter Digital Counter of 9999 Count
Power Supply 1 Phase, 230 V, 50 Hz,