Flammability Chamber


Vertical Flammability Chamber / Tester for measuring the vertical flame spread of children's sleepwear, fabrics (fabric burn test), other textile materials or resilient filling materials used in upholstered furniture.
Comprises a draft free stainless steel flammability chamber with observation window and back wall painted black for easy test viewing. Calibrated burner. Flame speed is measured in time. Specimen holders, burners and associated hardware are dependent on the test standard and must be specified.
Automatic gas and timing control system of this vertical flammability tester including solenoid control gas valve and automatic ignition timer and controls.


  • Time Display and accuracy : 0-999.9s,0.1s
  • Ignition time :12+/-2 s
  • Burner size : Dia. 10mm x barrel length 76+/-6mm
  • Distance from burner to specimen : 19 mm
  • Dimension of holder : outside 442x76 mm, interior 356x51 mm
  • Distance from nozzle to specimen : 8mm
  • Timing :PLC controlled
  • System and Display :Programmable PLC system to control automatically, text display
  • Optional Testing Kits
  • FTMS 191-5903 (fabric)
  • DOC-FF3/71 children pyjamas
  • CALIF TB-117 Resilient Filling Materials Vertical
  • Standards ASTM D6413,CALIF TB117, DOC-FF 3/71
  • 16CFR Parts1615/1616,FTMS 191-5903
  • Power 220 /110 V 50/60 Hz 2 A
  • Weight 20 Kg
  • Dimensions 630×400×880 mm(LxWxH)