C.B.D Tester


This instrument is used to check the uniform distribution of carbon added the product during production process. It comes with projection microscope, hot plate, slide box and handling accessories.

Determination of Carbon Black Dispersion in polyethylene material and compounds as IS: 2530-63

Definition: The process of dispersing carbon black through a substance, such as rubber.

Carbon Black Dispersion Test apparatus:

Microscope: Microscope with magnifying lens capable of magnifying view of 200 ± 10 times.

Hot Plate: Hot Plate capable of heating PE compound at 170°C to 210°C

Microscope glass slides for preparations of slides.

Principle & Significance: The carbon black dispersion in the material under test is performed to determine a uniform background free from white streaks and the number and size of agglomerates in specimens.


This test method is used to determine the average carbon black dispersion in materials like Films, Plastic Pipes, Cables, Sheets.