Jar Testing Equipment:

The jar Testing Equipment offered by the Hexa Plast provides the best solution for testing water soluble polymers. We provide the top notch quality machinery to our customers. The system we offer is has made with the greatest care and targets bringing the perfection in the results. You can realy on our machine for years with accuracy in results.

The Use of Jar Testing Equipment:

The jar testing machine that we offer is used for the testing water soluble polymers. It can add the accuracy in the usual waste water treatment processes, which are flocculation, sedimentation and coagulation in water, and other industrial application.


Our machine offers the constant variable stirring speed, which is available in lab version only.
The machine that we offer also has the digital display of moving RPM.

With the years of industry experience our engineers have mastered on how to fulfill the demand of the customers and that is why our machine also comes with the timer function.

The machine is easy to operate as it comes with panel which is glare free and it offers comfort in observation.
The height of the machine can also be adjusted of the stirring blade during the process.

It has low maintenance and gives amazing performance for the years. You can rely on our machine for years and you don’t have to spend time and money for the repairing process.

Leading Exporter across the world:

We have strong delivery network and that is not only in India, but also in several countries around the world. Once we receive the order, we ensure that the equipment reaches to our customer on time also without getting damaged.

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Hexa Plast offers the best in class Water Vapor Transmission Rate tester at affordable price. Our machine is made with the utmost care by our experienced engineers. You can rely on our products for years and it will be one of the most productive investment of the year.

Why you need to choose the Hexa Plast’s WVTR Tester:

Our machine comes with the amazing features. It is easy to use and operate. The machine goes through many tests before it reaches to the customer. Our qualified engineers ensured that the machine has complete leakage protection and performs flawlessly for years. Our machine is fully automatic and it stops at the time of power cut-off and saves the data automatically. It offers detailed analysis of the data.

The application of Water Vapor Transmission Rate Tester:

The machine offered by the Hexa Plast can be used for various purposes. You can rely on the tester for the accurate measurement of the water vapor transmission rate of high barrier materials, plastic films, sheeting, thermal insulation, waterproof materials, composite films, various other packaging materials that is highly in demand by the medial and sanitary industries. You can easily find out the requirement of the production by controlling the technical indexes of materials with WVTR test.

The WVTR Tester can also be used for getting precise numbers of transmission rate for the materials for the products like aluminum-plated film, paper, paper board, co-extrusion film, ceramics, infusion bag, porcelain, aluminum foil, solar battery panel, composite film, cellophane and more. It is also very useful in providing accurate results for different types of containers used by the industries such as food, medical, household, electronics etc., which includes bottle, can, box, bag, pouch and various other items.

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Water Tank Test Equipment

When it comes to Water Tank Test Equipment, Hexa Plast offers the best in class solution in the market. We provide the most updated water tank testing equipment that give the accurate results. Our equipment comes with the latest digital technology that can examine acoustical signals at the basis.

Why You Need to Go for Our Water Tank Test Equipment?

We offer top notch quality in all our products at affordable price. We believe in catering the exact requirements of our customers and for that we spend enough part of our budget in the research process.

We have highly skilled team of professionals that work on every part of the machine with utmost care. You can rely on our machine for crucial times as it has amazing service life and it is highly durable.

Our machine has low maintenance and you don’t have to waste your time and money in taking care of it now and then.

You can consider it as one time cost for brining you the accurate results for long period of time.
We make the machine carefully and our Water Tank Test Equipment is light weight and suitable for using in all environments.

The design of the machine is also meticulously made and it can be operated comfortably. We manufacture the machine that meets the various international and national standards.

Leading Exporter:

We are not limited to only domestic delivers, but we have large network of delivery across the globe. We provide the product on the decided time and location. We also ensure that the product gets delivered to the customer without getting damaged.

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Hot Tack Test

Hot tack tester

Hexa Plast is the final destination of your search for the Hot Tack tester. Our machine is made with utmost care. Our Hot Tack tester is used for measuring the heat seal performance of the plastic films, laminated films, and various packaging products. The machine is also capable of testing the strength of the laminated films, adhesive tapes, composite films and such kind of flexible products.

Why you need to choose the Hexa Plast’s Hot Tack tester?

The main reason of for choosing our product is that it is highly durable and has amazing life. Our product is low maintenance and performs perfectly for a long period of time.

Our qualified engineers have carefully manufactured the machine with keeping all the important details in mind. We spend part of our budget in only research process, so that we can provide the innovative solution to all our customers.

Our Hot Tack Tester is the best thing that you can have in your unit as it helps in enhancing the overall productivity of the business by constant flawless performance.

We also have the wide delivery network. You can rely on us for the safe and on time delivery of your order.


Once the composite films are tested it can be used for various purposes such as different types of food packages, packing of the washing powder and other drugs.

Hot Tack tester is also highly popular for measuring the tensile strength of the films, composites and sheets. Our machine is also perfect for bringing the accurate results in measuring the strength of woven bags, non-woven bags, magnetic cards, medical adhesive, opening force test of bottle caps, and protection films.

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Bottle Test Equipment

The plastic bottles are used in various industries for different purposes and Hexa Plast offers the best in class solution for the Bottle Test Equipment. These bottles are highly popular for packaging chemicals, food items, beverages, medicines and so forth. To ensure that these bottles are capable of containing the various kinds of materials, they have to go under the several tests for that Hexa Plast has the team of proficient engineers that manufacturers the machines for accurate Bottle Test.

The Reasons for Choosing Hexa Plast’s Bottle Test Equipment:

We understand the current market trend and we spend sufficient time and money in the research process. This helps us to bring our machineries to the customers with updated technologies.
Our solution is cost effective. We provide affordable equipment that has high durability and long service life. You can rely on our machineries for long period of time. We only use the latest techniques and superior quality raw materials in the manufacturing process. In the end our machines are light weight and suitable for all kind of working environment.
Our equipment has low maintenance and the requirement of repairing is seldom. This help our customers to reduce the overall cost and helps in enhancing the productivity.
Our machines are meets various domestic and international standards.

Leading Exporter across the World:

We have long list of satisfied customers all over the world and also in the country. We have wide delivery network and so we deliver the product on the committed time. We also make sure that the product remain safe during the whole process.

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Wrap Reel for Woven Sack Industries

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