Packaging Testing Equipment Manufacturer

Hexa Plast offers the carefully manufactured Packaging testing equipment that can provide the accurate results in different kinds of package test. We believe in providing top notch quality in our machine and that is why our team of proficient engineers work on each and every detail of the machine until it reaches the perfection.

Packaging Testing Equipments:

There are various types of packaging tests that our machines can perform. Our machines available to our customers to test the break force of the material. You can also test the stiffness of the material with our perfectly made machine. We also offer the pouch burst testing equipment at best price.

We spend enough time and money on the research. This helps us to cater our customers’ requirements with innovation. Our machines are highly durable and has good service life. It is a onetime cost and the customers don’t have to spend time and money as for maintenance and repairing.

We have highly qualified team of engineers that works passionately to meet the exact specifications of our customers. With our robust machines you can determine compression strength of the material, creep resistance, seal strength, burst strength, peel strength, tensile strength, impact resistance, drop, adhesion and many more.

Our machines are manufactured by considering the various international and national standards into the account.

Delivery Network:

We are not limited to deliver our products only in the country, but we provide our perfectly made machines across the globe. We ensure that the product reach to our customers on time and also without getting damaged.

Call Us For More Details:

There is no need to think twice for buying the precisely made machines from the Hexa Plast. All you need to do is to give us a call or email us and we will help you to with more details.