Oxidation Induction Time Test

Oxidation Induction Time Test (OIT Test)

  • Hexa Plast offer Oxidation Induction Time Test apparatus based on Differential Thermal Analysis (DTA) principle. OIT Test are used to study the behavior of materials towards the heat as a function at temperature and time. With PID Based Micro Controller With 0.1oC least count. With display facility of Delta Temperature reading on computer system only. With indium material calibration facility. With additional software for calibration graph  With computer interfacing software system only. Graph Display facility on your Computer monitor with oxidation induction time section parameters. Delta Temperature Time Graph Facility. With mouse operated time section mode.

OIT Machine Specification:

  • Material of construction: Outer body M.S / Upper plate of chamber made of S.S. /Copper Barrel /Uniform electric Heating.
  • Controller : Microprocessor L.C.D. display showing process Temperature, PID Controller with range up to 400 oC, resolution of 0.1o C & accuracy of deg C Delta T in 0.000 fraction of Deg C .
  • Interfacing with computer to give results in graphical form with calculated results to view the process behavior material.
  • Heating Load: 3KW.
  • Gas flow controller: Through gas regulator on cylinder & Rota Meters on Machine. Switching of gas instruments is required.
  • Rate of Heating :20 oC /min. for test & 2 oC/min for calibration process (selectable through switch)
  • Accessories: Aluminum pan 200 nos, Indium for calibration test, Gas regulators specimen holder.
  • Paint: Powder Coated.
  • Power: 230 V AC, 50Hz.


•  The display & printout of Delta Temperature Vs Time graph along with Oxidation Induction Time result is  Possible through your PC. The printout includes Party’s Name, address, file name, date, batch no, Operator name, Sample weight, Set temperature, Start time, Finish time, Gas flow rate etc.

•  Calibration graph of melting point of indium metal along with printout facility is provided as per DOT

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