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Plastic Testing Machine

Hexa plast is world class manufacturer and exporter of various type plastic process laboratories testing machinery like polymers materials testing machine, Ancillary machineries, Plastic lab testing equipments, Plastic impact testing machine, Rubber testing machine, Woven sack & Raffia quality checking machines, as per industrial applications.

(Inspection and test of CPVC & Column Pipes, Monolayer/Multilayer Films checking, MDPE/HDPE/LDPE/LLDPE/UHMHDPE/ABS/PVC/PLB /Hose Suction Pipe, Textile testing machine for Fabric–Yarn, Garden pipes, Petrol pipe, section hose, Brided pipe/ Sprinkler/PP-R Pipes, Lateral Pipes, PVC Sheets, U PVC for SWR, Water and chemicals storage Tanks, Electrical Conduits & Cables, Straps,Pet Bottles, kisan pipe, plastic material inspection, Recycle-Recycled-flexural vibration-plastic granule material testing machine, plastic pipe opacity tester etc.)

We are Participating in Plexpo 2016 At Gandhinagar:
Manufacturing of plastic testing machines for industries like:   Download PDF
Plastic Pipe Industries Plastic Barrel Manufacture Industries.
Monolayer, Multilayer & Other Film Manufacture Industries. Compounds Manufacture Industries. ( Resin )
Woven sack & Raffia Tape Manufacture Industries. Blow Molding Industries.
Rotational Molding Industries. ( Water Storage Tank ) Wooden & Laminates.
Cable Manufacture Industries. Injection Molding Components Manufacture Industries. ( Automobile and Engineering Plastics )
Plastic Rope Manufacture Industries.  
Our Products List :
Digital / Computerized Hydro Pressure Testing Machine Pipe Burst Tester Malfunctioning Machine
Auto Melt Flow Indexer / Melt Flow Indexer (Auto M.F.I. / M.F.I) Burst Tester For Film And Corrugated Box GSM Tester
Universal Tensile Testing Machine Compression Tester Puncher Tester
Carbon Black Content test Apparatus Crush Tester Torq Tester
Carbon Black Dispersion Tester High Voltage Tester.( H.V. Tester ) Drop Tester / Bottle Drop Tester
H.D.T. ( Hot Deformation Tester) / Computerized VSP Tester Bending Test Apparatus Vibration Tester
V.S.P. Tester ( Vicat Softning Point Test Apparatus) / Computerized VSP Tester Gauges For Conduit Pipes Peel Strength Tester
Izod Impact Tester Gauges Film Shrinkage Tester
Charpy Impact Tester Collapse Test Apparatus Pipe Threading Machine
Motorized Notch Cutter Ball Point Impact Tester Pipe Chamfering Machine
Pipe Notch Cutter Flammability Chamber DSC / OIT Test Appt
Free Falling Dart Impact Tester Dumbbell Press Thermal Tester
Impact Tester For Pipes Dumbbell Dai Lab Micrometer
Opacity Tester Hot Water Bath B.O.D. Incubator
Two Roll Mill Cool Water Bath / Cold Water Bath Emitting Flow Rate Checking Machine
Co-efficient Of friction Tester Hot / Cold Water Bath Vacuum Oven
Density Test Appt Reversion Oil Bath ( Reversion Test Appt.) Lab Blow Molding Film Plant
E.S.C.R. ( Environment Stress Cracking Resistance Tester) Sheet Molding Press Lab Extruder
Muffle Furnace Lab Molding Press Lab Mixer
Tear Tester Compression Molding Press Lab Molding Press
Humidity Chamber. Countru Cutter. ( Sample Preparation For Tensile Test) Color Matching Machine
Conditioning Chamber / Climate Chamber Melting Point Appt Photo Spectro Meter
Freezer ( Zero Degree Chamber) End Fittings On Line Thickness Measuring Device
Air Circulating Oven / Hot Air Oven Wrap Reel Machine Top Load Tester
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Plastic testing machines, Plastic testing equipments used in plastic lab to testing a material and parts strength